Once upon a time…

…is the narrative of KarolinasFairytale’s official page. Karolina Zubkova-Mattes, is a mother of two beautiful girls, a celebrity, a socialite, and an artist. She inspires people with her impeccable taste in style and elegance.

She has captured the imagination and admiration of fashion designers across the globe while being a top ambassador and Words Bloggers Award Winner as Best Haute Couture Influencer.

Her audience loves to viscerally experience a life of luxury fashion and travel through the eyes of a real and heartwarming storyteller.

KarolinasFairytale reaches audiences with her unique access to one-of-a-kind events and travel destinations. Her topics covered reach from fashion, health to lifestyle and provide insights from a fairytale perspective, sometimes with a twinkle. Stay up to date with KarolinasFairytale’s blog and Instagram content.