Over my whole life I tried so many different diets. Most of them were not easy to keep up with and the effect was short-term! By testing and analysing different effects of food on me, I finally was able to identify the most functional pattern of eating while losing weight and still maintaining a balanced nutrition.

KF DIET is the only diet that was easy to follow and get long lasting results!

The basic principle of nutrition in KF DIET is a gradual replacement of

2 protein days with

2 vegetable days and

2 hungry days.

After hungry days – again 2 protein days, 2 vegetable days and so on.

What you can or cannot eat during KF DIET

In theory, you should avoid coffee and lemonade, but I can’t live without coffee so I drink 1 cup in the morning but if you can avoid it – you rule! Fatty and sweet foods are also prohibited. Do not use sugar, potatoes, bacon and white bread. ( Yes, that’s right! NO POTATOES! )

Sugar-free chocolate and sweetener will save your ass – literally!

sorry for the language, but it’s so true and funny!

To preserve the right amount of nutrients in the body, multivitamins are suggested. I didn’t really take any because my menu was already filled with vitamins…veggies and fruits became my best friends!

List of foods you can eat and make your meals during KF DIET

KF Diet Food List

It is very important during the KF DIET, not to forget that for successful weight loss, you must drink at least 2l of water per day. Water helps remove from the body toxins and fats, promotes early weight loss. The amount of salt should be kept to a minimum. You can use spices instead of salt (I usually use “Aromat” from Knorr).

Do not eat after 6 pm (if you can – I can’t ) and drink a spoonful of walnut oil at night, which will slowly cleanse your body as you sleep. To enhance the effect, it is also recommended to lose weight “with a rope” – balanced nutrition and exercise show simply amazing results! Go-go girl!

If you are interested in this diet, and you decide that you should still try it, below is a rough menu example that you can implement during the diet.

KF DIET Protein / Vegetable / Hungry Day Menu Example

KF Diet daily menu example

In general you can cook anything to like out of the listed meals – it doesn’t seems much, but trust me – possibilities are endless. Just be creative! Until you stick to the list and don’t exaggerate with the amounts, KF DIET works like a charm!

Since 8 years I tried to put my husband on a diet and at some point, it seemed like an impossible task because the numerous diets and fastings I was suggesting were scaring him off. KF DIET was the only one he FINALLY agreed to try. As a result lost 4kg in the first week and finally closed his favourite jackets!

The first week of a KF DIET is more like an orientation period, where you still try to find out the best combinations of food and recipes in order to stick to the day list. The hungry days will also seem scary, but as soon as you drink your kefir or milk you will see that it’s much easier than you think and has tons of benefits!

Week after week will get easier and you will easily adjust to the routine – the best thing is : you are never hungry and you have a very clean and balanced meals.

Suggested period for the KF DIET is 3 weeks (21 days) with 4-9kg weight loss (that will depend of your initial body weight and portions).

I liked this structure so much that I actually keep it as my continuous diet, with addition of 1/2 cheat days where I allow myself to eat anything I like: ooh sushi, dazzling champagne and white chocolate!!!

With Love, K.

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