I love Christmas! Each year when the holidays are getting closer it’s a wonderful time to remember to be grateful what we have been blessed with. It also means that the family will be coming over and it’s time to start Holiday Shopping! – and that’s when comes the question “What should I buy?”.

When I shop for gifts, I like to choose something useful and hope that it will not end up in the regifting pile.

Gifting is not just the exchange of physical objects, but it’s a communication between people.

A perfect gift must contain a message

Before choosing a gift we should ask ourselves “What do I want to say to this person?” and then ” What can I give them to communicate it?”

Many people make a mistake by thinking first “What can I buy?” and then worry “What will they think of it?”…

Here are few shortcuts to choose a perfect gift:

  1. A Gift they want…
  2. A Gift they need…
  3. A Gift they wear…
  4. A Gift they read…
  5. and a Gift they don’t know they need – but we know they’ll love it!

Still don’t have a clear idea what should it be? I have made for you a short list of items to consider:

Gifts for her:

Gifts for him:

Gift list for parents, children and friends coming soon… STAY TUNED!

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